At Trinity College, we believe in transcending boundaries. Defying standard definitions. Staying true to ourselves, and going our own way. We want you to do the same.

If you want to become a good teacher and minor in art, you can do that here. You can chase a career in politics and also cultivate a love of biology. It’s our mission to help you pursue whatever path you choose, and ensure that you gain real-world experience along the way.

Through internships, research opportunities, community-based learning, study-away opportunities, and groundbreaking centers and programs, your academic pursuits will have a lasting impact on you, and on the world.

Mission & Vision

To ensure holistic development of our Student-Teachers, for equipping them to become world-class teachers.

We maintain our focus through a defined mission, a strategic plan, and a commitment to key initiatives.

Leadership & Governance

Throughout our history, Trinity’s steady hand of leadership has helped guide the college to its place as one of the nation’s most prominent liberal institutions.

Accreditation & Transparency

Accreditation and transparency hold us accountable; reflect our rigorous standards, and give students added confidence in their decision to choose Trinity.


We are committed to enhancing environmental awareness, responsibility, and sustainability throughout the Trinity community.